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  1. 1. Learn to read Tarot Cards
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  2. 2. Get a fitness level I am proud of
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  3. 3. Sing solo in public
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  4. 4. understand money better
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  5. 5. Ship personal items over from New Zealand
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  6. 6. Study Microsoft office
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  7. 7. Income from 4 sources
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  8. 8. get medical conditions sorted out
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  9. 9. Earn a degree
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  10. 10. have a massage
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  11. 11. get my big tattoo
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  12. 12. get teeth whitened
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  13. 13. Learn to sing
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  14. 14. Make a website
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  15. 15. Earn money from home
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  16. 16. Stop caring what other people think of me
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How I did it
How to declutter my life
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2 days
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How to own a PS3
It took me
5 months
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new car
Hyundai Tucson

Got this new car after having a old piece o’ shit. So good :)

Drink 8 glasses of water every day

I did this by going on a diet. It really is much easier if you have started a new diet or lifestyle change. I was addicted to coffee and tea (up to 20 cups a day). Now I only have 1 or 2 a day.

The only down side of drinking this amount of water is the fact that I need to go to the toilet CONSTANTLY:)

The people I work with think I have a bladder the size of a pea LOL

stop smoking
The real price you pay!

One day I was coming home from work and I stopped at a service station to buy a pouch of smokes and as I handed over the money, I decided that the money that I was giving to a life sucking company could be much better used on electricity or buying something nice for my wife and kids.

I stopped that day….and have not smoked or even craved it for 6 months now.

My advice…Find something you love more than smoking and let your mind do the rest. Good luck everyone

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