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Pass the CPA exam (read all 17 entries…)
I am Done!!

I passed FAR with 79!

I am done..I can not do it by myself without our friends here!! I wanted to give up since January..thank you..thank you!

I have stronger in Sims..please if you use BEcker,,,know all samples in the book(first time I got 3 tabs/this time got 2 tabs)

If you failed,,do not give up ..just keep going!

Pass the CPA exam (read all 17 entries…)

I heard that board updates one batch a day..I need to sleep with it tonight and check it tomorrow :(( waiting is killing me !!

Pass the CPA exam (read all 17 entries…)
Could be in evening?

I feel like normally CA releases score two lots. Early morning and evening. I do not see my score yet,it could be in evening right?

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