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That’s what i was looking for in Judo.
No competition, a way of life and some exercises.

Just fit perfectly to me.

Crochet something (read all 2 entries…)
Finaly done

Well, find something to do is not really hard. The only thing to do is a gift.
I did a scarf for my Valentine.
I was preaty late, but it’s still a gift.

So thank you my darling to help me to complete this thing.

A detail of the scarf of more than 2.5 meters long :

fly a kite
So fun !

My grilfirend offer me a kite for our 3rd meeting birthday.
We went to Dunkerque on the beach of “La mer” to have a pic-nic and offer our gifts.

So, I opened my gift and I tried to mount it.
After an hour to undone all the node I’ve made, I flied it and it was a great (but too short) time for me.

We go from time to time to this beach to fly my kite, but we should go there more often.

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