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lose 17 pounds
The beginning.

This is only a part of a much bigger story. I started losing weight in 2010 – I weighed 255 and I joined Weight Watchers and they were doing the Momentum plan at that time. I was very successful and I lost 65 pounds, then they switched to Points Plus. I stopped losing and I decided to switch to counting calories. I lost the rest of my weight (119 pounds in all) that way.
Along the way some not so healthy habits formed and I have been learning and changing and tweaking since late 2011. Presently I started back on the WW Momentum plan (roughly four weeks ago.) I weighed 170 and I set my first goal – 10%.
I have lost 2.8 pounds and I am still working on it.
14.2 to go!

workout six days a week
New plan:

My wife has been AWESOME and working out with me. I am going to try to get this to happen SIX days a week. This is what I am thinking:

Monday – Total Gym workout (15-30 minutes)
Tuesday – Walk/Jog (30-60 minutes)
Wednesday – Total Gym workout (15-30 minutes)
Thursday – Walk/Jog (30-60 minutes)
Friday – Total Gym workout (15 minutes) Walk/Jog (30 minutes)
Saturday – Walk/Jog (60-90 minutes)

Of course all this depends on her schedule, but I have a great, blessed feeling!

Clean up my 43Things account and start using this tool!!!
Incase you can't tell...

I have been busy working through my 43Things list. It has 15 things on it as of right now. (I am about to add a 16th thing!) I am feeling pretty good and very motivated! Sunday was a big deal for me and I am going to change my life. No more planting seeds in bad soil or near thorns. No more allowing junk to make me feel crowded and unhappy! It will all serve the Lord, and my life will be happy. Here we go!

Down size everthing!
This will happen. I will overcome the clutter!

Seriously, I have no idea how long ago I added the goal of “Down size everything!” but I should have named it “Down size everything – TWICE!” because I down size and still have TOO much!

Here is my list:
Art supplies
Kitchen cabinets
Old school memory type junk

I am going to try to pick one and work on it each week. I know this will make my life so much better! This week is art supplies/bookshelves seeing as they kind of overlap. Cross your fingers and say a prayer that I actually get something going!

Daily devotionals with family - DAILY. (read all 3 entries…)
I missed the DAILY...

I read my devotional on and off through last year. I want to read it everyday. I know it makes all the difference! I am thinking about downloading it for my kindle because I have an app on my phone, iPad and computer so I will read it one way or another! Getting back on this!

clean the house (read all 9 entries…)
March 17, 2014

I have never gotten the entire house clean, I probably wont for a long time. Not when there is school to teach, family to feed, five cats and two dogs to chase around. Not when we have to wear clothes while I wash everything – therefor never actually is all the laundry done. Not when as I clean dishes more mouths need food – therefor the dishes are always dominating. However, I have several things worked out. Vacuuming is a daily thing that while it doesn’t happen DAILY it happens as daily as I can (5 out of seven days ain’t bad!) Dishes get done daily, often two loads a day – unless we are out of the house. Laundry is weekly – used to take me days to do, but now I wash and the wife folds so I expect two days at the most.
I want to implement two days a week to steam clean the house, but that is a rougher thing so I am aiming for one day and hoping to build up! I still have so much to go through and organize, once that happens I will take this goal off the list!

Reguarly attend church with my family. (read all 4 entries…)
Life changing!!!

I have been going to my church since December 2012. I wanted to go regularly. I can tell you now, a year and three months later, that I have gone EVERY Sunday since with the exception of the Sunday just before Christmas last year. I was incredibly ill and stayed home in a daze of medication and sleep!
I am involved in my church on many levels – the blog, the prayer request email, the children’s church and so much! I am in love with my church family. They inspire me to be a better person – all the time.

complete the 5000 question survey (read all 3 entries…)
Part 2 (101-200)

101. What does happiness/joy feel like physically? Like a sugar high without the crash! Like all the bubbles of a hot tub without the heat!

102. List five people you love starting with the one you love the absolute most.

A Lou ♥

B AAL x 2

C Korynne


I am so wretched, I can’t think of more. I mean I love my mom and dad and brother and family – of course – but for this list it seems like. idk.

103. How many movies have you gone to see this month? zilch

104. If you could have 3 wishes…but none of them could be for yourself, what would you wish for? health, happiness and wealth for my entire family. (I have a wife and two daughters so there is all three!)

105. In what ways do you relax and de-stress when you are really tense? I run! Zumba! or cross stitch.

106. How much money would it take to get you to drive to school naked in the springtime and get out of the car? Not as much as it should, I kind of need money! lol

107. Have you ever killed an animal? yes.

108. Have you ever lost someone close to you? yes.

109. What do you think of cloning? I’m torn. I think cloning animals is fine, but not people.

110. Do you read or watch TV more often? TV is on a lot, but I’m not always watching it. I do watch a lot of TV with my wife, but alone I read.

111. With all this talk of terrorism going around are you willing to sacrifice rights and freedoms for increased safety? I look at my kids and I think yes. smh

112. What is the punishment you would come up with for Osama Bin Laden if you caught him alive? Death. What’s that say about me?

113. Have you ever named an individual part of your body? Yep.

114. Have you ever been on the radio or on TV? Nope.

115. Have you ever won a lottery, or sweepstakes? I won 57 dollars in the TX lottery.

116. Have you ever won a contest or competition? I won an art comp when I was younger.

117. Do you like to watch The Joy of Painting show with Bob Ross (check out this link if you don’t know who he is. Also please note me if you notice the link is broken) Love his happy little trees. So sad he’s gone.

118. Do you know what your grandparents and your great grand parents did for a living? Not my great grandparents. My grandparent on my mother’s side were a plant worker and a baby sitter, on my dad’s side and Air Force pilot and I don’t know what that grandmother did.

119. Is there anything really interesting in your family history? We are Native American and I think that’s interesting!

120. Is there anyone you trust completely? Yes, my wife.

121. Have you ever lost someone without having the chance to say goodbye? Yes.

122. How do you feel about women in politics? We need more of them.

123. Would you rather have an indoor Jacuzzi or an outdoor pool? Outdoor saltwater pool!

124. What things are you interested in that you study or read about on your own? Currently, the Bible and Jesus and the whole history of it all.

125. Would you consider yourself to be intelligent? Very.

126. Would you consider yourself to be wise? In some areas.

127. Have you ever given or received a lap dance? Both.

128. Have you ever spoken to a homeless person? Yes. Often.

129. Would you ever creep into the subway tunnels to go exploring? Maybe, with a group.

130. If you could add 70 years to your life but only by making some random person die 70 years sooner would you? Oh, no! I think I would! I am horrid!

131. Can you finish any of the following lyrics?

A: Nothing to kill or die for… And no religion too

B: Late comings with the late comin’ stretcher… that’s a body bag in disguise y’all betcha

C: I could make a film and make you my star… You’d be a natural the way you are

132. Were you ever with someone while they died? Not at the exact moment they finished, but yes, while they were dying.

133. Would you rather be a world political leader or a rock star? Rock star.

134. Have you ever given someone a love letter that you wrote? many.

135. Have you ever sent someone a surprise though the mail? several.

136. Are you looking forward to any concerts right now? The Jazz Fest 2013

137. Of all animated movies, which is the best one you’ve ever seen? The Last Unicorn

138. What are the best bands or songs to listen to while driving? Lecrae, Live, Ani DiFranco, Mercy Me

139. What do you think is the most amazing thing that anyone has ever accomplished? All the medical advances.

140. What could a member of the opposite sex do to impress you? Be respectful.

141. About how many emails do you get a day? 25-50

How many of those emails are junk mail? 10-15

How many of them are forwards? 0

142. What’s your favorite thing to do online besides write in your diary and hang out at this site? YouTube, celeb gossip, blog

143. Do you believe Kurt Cobain ( killed himself or was it a conspiracy? I think he wanted it and had help.

144. Have you ever though about hitchhiking across the country? Briefly, then i read Helter Skelter.

145. Who would you bring with you on this kind of a road trip? My wife.

146. Of the following, which word best describes you: accurate, bold,

charming, dependable – BOLD

147. If you are single, at about what age do you think you will be ready to settle down and get married? If you are married, how old were you at the time? I was 30 when I got married.

148. Do you often wonder, when you say goodbye to people, if it is the last time you will ever see them? I used to. I had to say goodbye a certain way.

149. What movie are you most looking forward to seeing when it comes out? It’s out and it’s Silver Lining Playbook

150. What is your quest? Evolution

151. What is louder and more annoying: 200 adults talking or one four-year-old screaming? SCREAMING kid.
152. Do you believe the stories about planes, boats and people mysteriously disappearing into the Bermuda triangle? I think it has a bit of truth.

153. Who are you the most jealous of? Billionaires. I could do so much with that!!!

154. What is the happiest way you can start your day? Making coffee with my wife.

155. Do you ever have moments where you feel like everything is all right in the world? I have so many, thank God.

156. Who thinks that you are offensive? A lot of people, namely my mom and bff.

157. If you had to teach a class in something, what would you be able to teach people? How to change your life – lose weight and be active.

158. Have you ever had a spiritual experience (an experience that cannot be explained by science)? Yes, several.

159. Do you believe that this experience was truly mystical or do you think there is some scientific explanation for it, only you don’t know what it is? I believe each was a gift from God.

160. Do you get offended easily? Nope. I am usually the offender.

161. Would you still love and stay with your signifigant other if he or she had to have a breast or testicle removed? Yes.

162. Do you believe in fate or free will? Both.

163. Do you believe that only boring people get bored? No.

164. Can life change or are we all stuck in vain? Life can, and does, change.

165. What changes are you afraid of? Death.

166. Are you a day person or nocturnal? Nocturnal.

167. What one CD could you listen to for an entire week (no mixed CD’s, it must be an album)? Lecrae Rehab

168. Which is worse, working in retail, food service, or an office? food service, I guess.

169. What’s the coolest job you ever had? photographer

170. What is one central idea that your thoughts seem to come back to? Giving

171. Have you ever wanted to be an actor/tress? Not really, I get sick in front of people.

172. If you had the power to control one person and make this person do anything you wanted for a whole day, who would you pick and what would they do? It’s a guy, I’m not sharing who, and he’d donate sperm so I could have his babies!!!

173. What star sign are you and what is your sign like? Sagittarius, nothing like me – I’m a cusp!!!

174. Did the Blair Witch Project scare you? Nope.

175. Are you in constant fear of death? I used to be. Not anymore so much.

176. Does fear of death keep you from building a life? It did. That all changed.

177. Do you like all your movies to be in wide-screen? Yes.

178. Are you a fan of any comic books? Love Bone!

179. At what age did you attend your first funeral? idk I was very young and heart broken.

180. What do you smell like (lotion, cologne, sweat)? Vanilla

181. What are your greatest sources for wisdom? God, the universe.

182. When you were little, where did your parents tell you babies come from? My mom was always very honest.

183. What is your favorite band? idk – maybe, nirvana?

184. What’s the best cheesy 80’s song? Music Machine.

185. What’s the best kind of movie to see on a date? romantic comedy

186. Do you like to sit in the front, middle or back of the Movie Theater? middle

187. Have you ever been inside an abandoned building? yes, many after hurricane Katrina and several before.

188. Under what circumstances would you agree to work for free? I am now, for the causes I care about.

189. Candles or strobe lights? Both depending on the circumstances.

190. Do you think the Lord of the Rings movies are true to the books or did Hollywood change the story too much? They are pretty good considering.

191. When you see a stranger on the street does your first reaction lean towards thinking of this person as a potential friend or as a potential threat? Threat.

192. Is it natural for human beings to fear and distrust each other, or is it cultural? Natural.

193. What do you really want to buy? Water for Life and a building!!!

194. You have to choose. Would you be happier marrying someone rich for their money or living in the streets and subway tunnels with someone you love? No kids involved – homeless with my love. Kids involved – I’d give up love to provide if I had to.

195. If someone wanted to understand you what book could they read that would help? The Children are Free

196. Do you think it’s odd that Americans have freedom of religion and yet call themselves ‘one nation under god’? No, or I never really thought of it. I think it’s more about being under the union of God no matter what or who or how you define that.

197. In what sense are you a minority? I am gay.

198. Are you anti social? Kinda

199. Do you photograph well? I have the kind of beauty that moves.

200. Do you think that human beings would survivor through a nuclear winter? I think some would, I would.

read my bible daily (read all 2 entries…)
Getting better.

I have several books I am working with: Jesus Calling (devotional,) Bibles (NIV, CEV, ESV, NKJV) and The Story. I don’t hold myself to reading one all the time. I stroll through them all as I feel each day. It’s working much better!

Daily devotionals with family - DAILY. (read all 3 entries…)
February 2013

28 days. 29 devotionals. Wait, what? Uh, yeah, we read the 29th’s even though it isn’t a leap year! lol

Reguarly attend church with my family. (read all 4 entries…)
Two months in...

and we are still going strong. Sometimes it is a little grueling to get up so early as to get everyone fed and out the door, but I love it once we get there and the kids love it so that makes it easy!!!
I can’t believe it’s March already!!! February – check!!

read my bible daily (read all 2 entries…)
I need to get serious.

I do! I was doing this and it was awesome. I kind of got lost because I wanted a different Bible and I think I am going to pick one up tomorrow!

have a yard sale
The date is set!

I am so proud of me and my wife. Usually we kind of scoot things around, plan and store and say, “For the sale.” Then months later things are still hanging around and collecting dust and we just dump it at the local thrift store. This time we went through all our stuff and I was like, “Sale this Saturday. You think?” Wife was like, “Do it.” I got on Craigslist and I made an ad and now we are selling everything! Yay!

Daily devotionals with family - DAILY. (read all 3 entries…)
January 2013

31 days. 31 devotionals. All read. Daily. Some were read late at night, some at lunch and others in the car. Thing is we did it! It was really easy because the girls love reading their devotionals and will often do it on their own!

Reguarly attend church with my family. (read all 4 entries…)
A nice way to wrap the month.

So my wife said to me two Sundays ago, “Man I am in the mood for Chinese food.” I said, “No-spend January.” lol
It got me thinking and I told her I thought that we should go out to eat after church on the last Sunday of the month. It could be Chinese or hibachi (the kids love,) whatever, but we could only go if we went to church every Sunday that month. My wife loved the idea and this last Sunday of January we used Subway gift cards for Subway!

No spend January!!! (read all 3 entries…)
No-spend January the wrap up!

It’s the 31st guys and that means January ends tonight. Seriously? Seriously. It’s a little strange to think of the fact that 2013 is 1/12th over already – didn’t it JUST begin? Deep breath.
So how did it go? Well, I’ll tell you (of course I will!)
Since we last talked there have been a few things spent:
$90 New math and language curriculum as we are still figuring out what works for my youngest.
$2.64 After ordering our books with gift cards there was a shipping issue that left me with this balance.
$21.80 Picked up pizza for the kids when they were with my mother (she was supposed to pay me back.)

Today my wife it out renewing her car registration, picking up light bulbs and getting a hair cut. All in all we did really well. No fast food – well, the pizza thing but those were planned dinners not last minute easy alternatives. I’m keeping a no-spend mindset as we move forward, though we will be more lenient on what is needed vs. NO-SPEND.

Read the Warriors series with my girls. (read all 3 entries…)
Book 3.

We ditched the reading plan due to spoilers. I am one book three and Lou ♥ is on book one. It’s really cool to read the same books and be able to talk to her about them. She’s been making little clay cats of the clans and it’s awesome!

Reguarly attend church with my family. (read all 4 entries…)
January 2013

So, with all the Sundays of January gone I can wrap this up for the first of twelve. We went to every service I am PROUD to say. The last one was a kicker – late start, not feeling 100% – and still we got there! I am proud and I feel great and I can’t wait to keep it going. I seriously look forward to church all week long.

Read the Warriors series with my girls. (read all 3 entries…)
Thanks Sears!!!!

Well, Sears sent me a gift card to Barnes & Noble so I was able to buy a bunch of the books! (It was made easier by the fact that I don’t have a nook! lol)
I picked up the first eight books on our list. They should get here in a week and I’ll read the first then start on the second as Lou ♥ reads the first and then, if Mavis, darling can she will read the first and we will trail down the line! Yay!

No spend January!!! (read all 3 entries…)
No-spend January - half way mark.

This is a check in of sorts. The goal was to purchase nothing unnecessary and I think it’s been pretty good considering what constitutes unnecessary… Here is a list of the money that has been spent that has not been a part of a house or grocery shopping list and is not a reoccurring bill:
$47.00 Heartgard for Wiley
$7.22 on Christmas gifts that shipped (and therefor were drafted from my account) in January, but were actually bought in December.
$1.00 on goat feed, I told the kids we could feed the goats and dug out the quarters on the 31st, but we didn’t get back to them until the 1st.
$20.00 Wife haircut, needed – she has to look clean and professional.
$5.97 Puppy food for a puppy I saved from getting squished and had at the house overnight.
$30.00 for home schooling text books, long story written up later for the blog!!!
$2.17 for a book I needed to purchase and pre-read for my oldest. (I pre-read to make sure the content is age appropriate for a 10 year old.)
$11.74 Lou ♥ needed a short sleeve leo for her winter dance recital.
$10.90 Lou ♥ asked for her favorite pizza to be dinner after her recital.

So, halfway through the month and we have no real standout cost coming up. I am hoping to pay off our smallest credit card as well as tithe a percent of what is left over!!! Wow, thank God!

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