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  1. 1. learn to draw
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  2. 2. go snowboarding
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  3. 3. get a horse
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  4. 4. know who I am
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  5. 5. lose 10 lbs
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  6. 6. marry my soulmate
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  7. 7. have better skin
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  8. 8. pray more often
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  9. 9. Kiss in the rain
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  10. 10. learn a foreign language
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  11. 11. get my photography online more
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  12. 12. eat escargot
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  13. 13. be on a commercial
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  14. 14. do a backflip and/or cartwheel
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  15. 15. go to a u2 concert
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  16. 16. get my bellybutton pierced
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  17. 17. travel around the country with my best friend
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  18. 18. Explore
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have better skin (read all 3 entries…)

so at the dermatologist i got a prescription that has helped me out alot. my skins still not perfect, but i’ve gotten complements on my skin now which is cool.

have better skin (read all 3 entries…)

well my skin was really good for a while, but then it went back to its old self, and this time much worse. my face doesn’t go a day without at least 5 breakouts if not more. and not even to mention acne scars. thankfully i have an appointment with the dermatologist on the 27th so hopefully he will help me, and secretly i hope he recomends tanning… cuz that would help me out this winter considering my mom tells me i cant cuz it isn’t “healthy”. lol so i can only dream : )

learn to draw

ok so this girl in my drivers ed class is like the best sketcher/artist person i have ever seen. she’ll just sit there and draw on a piece of paper and then put it aside 15 minutes later and it looks like it could be on a building side. and i just think to myself “i want to be like that”. so i’m more detirmined now to be better at drawing

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