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improve my relationships

While my relationships are a very happy ones, I am a firm believer that they can always be improved…especially since people are constantly shifting and evolving. Relationships need constant upkeep to function at the highest level possible for everyone involved.

My Girlfriend: We are taking our dogs to the dog park more often…bonding with them and each other. We have some massive dog parks here that are very nice and we all easily spend a couple of hours there when we go. We are also starting several scrapbooks (one for all of the cards we have saved over the years, one for the renaissance fair and one for our day trips and vacations). We have all of the equipment and will start on these soon. It will be a fun thing to share together. :)

My Friends: We are hanging out more often! Which is awesome because I hardly saw them before. I am having more fun than I ever have before with them and I am enjoying and appreciating their company much more as well. As for my friend out of state…we are talking on the phone more often and having longer conversations. We got into a rut for a while and all we would talk about was work…but I think we are getting back on track. :)

My Family: I am seeing them more often (usually for dinner) and I feel we are bonding. It is really nice to have relaxed conversations with them over good food. :)

Record my spoken word poetry

I will be recording samples over the next few days to send off to my manager. After that, I will need a musician who has a wide range and can compose background sounds for my spoken word project. (I am looking for any or all of the following: noise, ambient, experimental and trip hop. I am NOT looking for r & b or rap beats…or anything heavy sounding.)


If any musicians read this post and are interested, please send me a message. There are several ways to contact me…
You can message me:

here, on

Modify My Body Until It Is "Finished'
Kanji Tattoo

Just got a cover up!! The same kanji but a different design for it. It looks wonderful!!! :D

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