wants to expand her social circle.

Learn to play the drums
Boom Boom Boom

I received a drum set for my birthday. I figure I will take lessons. I would like to be self taught, I don’t think that’s going to happen though. My goal (by the end of the year) is play 1 song.

become friends with somebody famous
John. Elton John. Sir Elton John to you

Hands down the person I want to be friends with. He is very involved in charity work. Which I think is important. It makes you more aware and well rounded. Plus, I am a HUGE fan of his music.

have clear skin
On a clear day

I saw my dermatologist today. My skin still has some acne. Sigh. I got a prescription for some gel. He says that my skin is clearing up. Yeah! The prescription is for a lower strength. Which is GREAT! In a few months I might be acne free.

learn to ride a motorcycle
Voom Voom

I have already mastered riding a bicycle. Next is a scooter. If that works out well. I’m buying myself a motorcycle.

The wind blowing in my face. The open road. The joy of riding on a mororcycyle.

run in a marathon
Running away....to the Boston 5k

I have decided to run the Boston 5k. People of all ages from 18-64.
It’s very inspiring.

Of course, I’ll have to get in shape. If anybody has an ideas, tips and/or suggestions of how to prepare. I’ll gladly listen. This being my first time in a marathon.

read 52 books in 52 weeks
Ready, Set,...Read

I’m happy to say that not only am I reading one book a week, I’m surpassing the goal. Sometimes I read 2 books a week. I’m quite pleased with myself. I’m opening myself to new adventures and new people.

Here’s a sampling of books I’ve been reading:
Heart of Darkness
Joseph Conrad

Reading Lolita in Tehran
Azar Nafisi



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