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lose 80 pounds (read all 5 entries…)

I’m so excited, i never thought it would happen, but I am now down 30 pounds below my start weight! I went from a jean size 17 to a jean size 12 over the summer.

Just want to let everyone know it’s totally possible to lose this weight! I never thought I would, but FINALLY I’m seeing some decent results, keep on trucking everyone! :)

pay off my credit cards (read all 2 entries…)
1 down, few more to go...

Alright I paid off one…only a couple more to go! I can’t wait until I’m credit card free!

adopt a dog
I'm adopting!!!

I’m officially rescuing a 9 month old Pomeranian! Her name is Chloe! I am so excited to have her as an addition to my family!

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