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  1. 1. have children
    4,509 people
  2. 2. buy my car
    20 people
  3. 3. pass exams
    72 people
  4. 4. fall in love
    27,236 people
  5. 5. sleep at night
    49 people
  6. 6. ride a moto
    2 people
  7. 7. learn drums
    250 people
  8. 8. be a good daughter
    269 people
  9. 9. draw more
    2,339 people
  10. 10. write more poems
    1 entry
    152 people
  11. 11. forgive anyone who does something bad to me
    2 people
  12. 12. make someone smile everyday
    126 people
  13. 13. get a new peircing or tattoo
    2 people
  14. 14. travel
    9,205 people
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when i was sad you took me in,
we went outside and you made me grin

as we layed on the grass,
staring at the sky.
Looking at the clouds as they went by.

i wanted to scream,
i wanted to shout
and let all my worries tumble out.

so i closed my eyes and counted to ten.
and opened my eyes once agian,
only to see a black sky,
with bolts of lighting thrashing by.

we wanted to run but we couldnt move
our hearts were running but our minds wanted to prove,
a point that was true to both me and you.
that we loved each other but had no clue.

so now we are here together at last
talking to each other about our past.

so with an ending i say the truth.
my one my only, this one is you.


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