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Drink green tea daily

I started today and surprisingly enjoyed it. Just gotta keep it up now! x

control my jealousy

I actually dread going out places with my BF, as there will be pretty girls and he will be looking at them. Totally irrational i know!!
He does look at women and talk about them all the time but i know he would never cheat, I do trust him.
It just makes me feel like shit when he looks around when he’s got me. In fact I could punch him right in his face!
I’m not short of attention myself but i am all his and he knows it.

I guess past experiences have left me with emotional scars.
How to stop it????
Counselling maybe? I have spoken to him about my jealous feelings which just makes me feel weak and as though he has my weakness in his hands.
God that sounds rough when i read it back.
Time and trust??


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