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Luca Masters

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master prototype (read all 2 entries…)

With the recent release of Chrome with V8 and the upcoming release of Firefox 3.1 with Tracemonkey, learning Prototype/Scriptaculous, Dojo, Rico, MochiKit, and/or whatever else has become even more important. The revolution is nigh, and I’m excited.

drink a gallon of water a day

I work outside in Texas, so I usually get closer to two gallons per day. They tell me I’m still dehydrated (because I usually only pee once from 8-5), but I usually feel all right. I sweat a lot more than most of my co-workers.

get a decent pair of black boots
Combat boots

I got some black ‘SWAT’ combat boots from a military surplus store for work. They were impressively comfortable, but the soles got holes from cedar after 3-4 months. I still wear them from time to time, as they’re much more comfortable than my new work boots. Just, you know, they have a hole in the bottom.

100 push ups (read all 2 entries…)
Recent research

A karate expert informs me that recent research suggests that your palms should not be on the ground when you do push-ups. So he now has his students do knuckle push-ups.

No problem. I still can’t do 100 at once, though, and this will make clapping push-ups a lot more difficult.

Learn Vim (read all 2 entries…)

Obviously VIm is a lot to learn. It would make sense for me to focus on specific feature sets I most want to learn. Of course, just knowing all the available features is a challenge.

I need to learn visual selection, I’m sure. In a windowing environment, that’s vital, and the only reason I ever find myself using a different text editor. It’s simple to get the basics, but I just haven’t.

Learn Ruby (read all 2 entries…)

SE-wise, I find OOP cool. For most stuff, I find it a useful tool for SOME things. Not for I/O or other basic things. If I’m modelling an object, OOP. If I’m not, why OOP? Why should every integer be an object?

Forcing me to be OOP about everything is a bit of a turn-off at times. Python is clean. Scheme is elegant. Perl is cute. Ruby is…just Ruby.

Add to the fact that the syntax is Perl-inspired and you get something strange. Why would you do that? I love Perl, but I cannot deny that I’ve had trouble figuring out accessing hashrefs of arrayrefs of hashrefs and the like. Perl’s drawback is its syntax (though it also is part of the basis for its power).

Ruby, like most other languages of any note, is still worth learning, but hardly a priority. Only if I want to do Rails, and the error-filledness of 43Things and other Rails sites is not doing a lot to convince me I need that.

learn python
Still haven't

Some time ago, I realised Python was one of the best languages, and I wrote a couple tiny programs to start out.

Several years later, I still recognise Python as rivalled only by Scheme, yet I still haven’t really learned it. Perl is just so cute. (Whereas Scheme is elegant and Python is clean.)

make a smaller ecological footprint
Progress so far
Since adding this goal I’ve:
  • Moved to Austin:
    Now I commute entirely by foot and bus. Previously I had to drive everywhere—and everywhere was pretty much always 20+ miles.
  • Moved into a coöp:
    I don’t know if this really helps any, as no one replaced me in the house where I used to live. But my new home has a lot of people for its size and energy usage.
  • Joined the Environmental Corps AmeriCorps program:
    We do habitat restoration, trail building, and public lands improvement. Mostly this means using a chain saw to cut down trees (some invasive, some not), but it’s good for the environment. When you build a hiking trail, people stop walking where the trail isn’t, and it helps. When you remove cedar from a recharge zone, you significantly increase the amount of rainwater that reaches the aquifer. When you kill cedar on a preserve, you protect endangered species.

install blackbox window manager

I use xoblite on Windows XP. Linux has better stuff, but for Windows, there’s not a lot of competition. The other I’m interested in trying was neareing a major release last I checked, so I decided to wait on it.

The slit refuses to display for me, but I like minimalism anyway.

Win the canasta tournament (read all 2 entries…)
More foiled than ever

I came in twelfth. Out of twelve.

The winner this year was Shauna, who hadn’t won in twenty(?) years.

Two more years.

not talk for a month (read all 2 entries…)
We've all done this.

It occurred to me this morning that this is yet another goal I’ve already achieved. I don’t know when I said my first word, but I suspect it was well over a month after my birth.

start a fire without matches (read all 2 entries…)
Oh, wait...

It occurs to me that I’ve started fires with cigarette lighters and probably a few other things.

But I don’t mean any of that. I mean, like, with a bow.

write 2000 words today
It was close.

I didn’t even start writing until 4pm. I got about 1500 words on and off, and then watched tow episodes of Angel, leaving me with half an hour to write the last 500 words. It came pretty close, ‘cause I suck, but I managed.

2103 words today. Also, a new longest paragraph: 417 words in 2291 characters.

learn german (read all 2 entries…)
Still a useful skill

It sounds as if I’ll be revisiting Germany this December.

Learning German in one and a half months is feasible, right?

finish NaNoWriMo (read all 3 entries…)
I like it.

After three days I (1) have continued to meet the deadlines and (2) actually like what I’ve written. Amazing.

Sadly, I’m only just meeting the daily quota. I ended yesterday with a buffer of 327 words over the 5000 word quota (Hey, I just realised that I’m a tenth done!) but I’ve yet to write anything today.

But that I can like what I’ve written and still write means something. Normally not wanting to mess up my good stuff with tripe prevents me from doing well. I felt like I was messing it up a few times with the wackiness, but I really wasn’t.

finish NaNoWriMo (read all 3 entries…)
Day 1: 1715 words

And maybe I’ll write more before bed. Really, I should throw out another short chapter bringing my into some more encyclopaedic content. That’s where my wordcount really comes from. Then I can start of tomorrow on the right foot again.

Yet, instead, here I am writing about what I should write. I also make a blog, wrote a txt2html Perl script, redesigned my website where I’m dumping the NaNo, and so on. Grr..

(43Things seems to think I want a picture of dolphins with this entry. I don’t know why. I didn’t put it there.)

Enter a costume contest
Guy with a cape

ECU has a costume contest at the student center every Halloween. After watching it for a year or two, something occured to me.

At ECU, there are some people who do really good, really creative, and just downright cool costumes. There are also losers who do patethic costumes. Heck, I usually don’t wear a costume: I just wear my cape, which I wear from time to time anyway in the Winter just because it’s sexier than a jacket.

So in 2005, I signed up for the costume contest. We were told to walk on stage, say our name and what we were, and then cross the stage doing something our character would do.

I stepped on state stated to the auditorium ‘I’m Luca Masters and I’m a guy with a cape’, and then crossed the stage, pausing in the centre for a quick ‘BOO!’

I didn’t win, but it was fun.

live forever (read all 3 entries…)
Cultivating the necessary alliances

The Grim Reaper put his arm around me and declared us friends today. Hopefully this will help cement my place in the land of the living for a good while. He also got me with his scythe a few times, but that was accidental. Other people he whacked on purpose. But not me: I’m his friend.

Reach level 6 on E2 so I can have a userpic
Another option

You could also message me to be added to Pictures of Everythingians.
Of course, I’d probably ignore you. My brother recently pointed out that even my own photo there is out of date.

fake an origami
Faking it

Sometimes you just have to tear the paper. Maybe use a little glue. We can’t all be origami experts. Purists can suck it up.

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