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  1. 1. lose weight
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  2. 2. pay off my credit cards
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  3. 3. be a confident horseback rider
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  4. 4. pass the CVT test
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  5. 5. clean my apartment
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  6. 6. be more confident with blood draws
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  7. 7. show my horse in halter
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  8. 8. figure out where I'm going to live
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  9. 9. clean out my car
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  10. 10. drink more water
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  11. 11. get married
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How I did it
How to halter break my horse
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1 month
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How to graduate college
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2 years
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see my Mom beat cancer (read all 2 entries…)
On with life

My mom passed away on June 2, 2008 at 3:40 am. I really miss her, but I know she isn’t in pain. I was with her and able to say goodbye, tell her that I love her. I know she is always visiting me and watching over me.

drink more water
I've found a solution

I have a QuikTrip cup with a straw (32 oz). I fill it up when I get to work everyday and just drink it. When it has a straw I’m more prone to drink it then when it’s a water bottle or a cup. So I’m up to about 96 oz just while I’m at work, plus whatever I drink at school and at home. It’s amazing how that works. And I feel so much better too!

be a confident horseback rider
Awesome day

So I just had this day with Dakota, the horse I ride. We just connected. I mean, we really get each other, but yesterday was just awesome. He did what I asked everytime, and I barely had to give a cue. It was just so awesome. I think next weekend I’m going to try riding him in an english saddle.

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