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How to learn yoga
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30 days
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Just WOW !

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Quit Facebook
Its easier than I thought ....

I’m almost half way through that :-)

Hope to make that happen by Jan 1st 2013

find someone to spend the rest of my life with
Hope to do good here !!!

just started …. i know there is a mountain to climb, tough times ahead, all i want is a person who just stands by me …. thats it :-)

become fit and healthy (read all 2 entries…)

An early morning jog is worth a million dollars of health , feelin fresh with the days dew and warming your body with atleast 2 mile run would make you rock solid in and out ….

i bet walking is equivalent to the mild jog i’m taking about , a few physio say that our body is designed more in the cause for this run than for the walk :-)
(make sure you are in the aerobic region while you work out)
have a happy and healthy day

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