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get laser hair removal (read all 2 entries…)

OMG does this hurt! It is sooo Painful. I am getting my underarms and my bikini area done! I am on my 3rd treatment and boy do i notice a huge difference in the amount of hair and how fast the hair grows back… I definitely recommend it.


Save money (read all 14 entries…)
Last Post 12/08 **UPDATE**

OK so I have managed to save about $14k since then. BUT, I paid $7k towards debt so I only have $7k saved at this moment. I am now saving $600 a month (except July and December… = $900.

I am getting ready to open a mutual fund with $1000 down and $100 a month. I am hoping to use the mutual fund as my retirement fund. I have decided against an actual retirement fund like an IRA just in case I need the money.



get out of debt (read all 48 entries…)
I haven't been on here in a while but...

I have still been paying off my debt.

Chase – $0.00
Citi – $0.00
BOA – $1034.00
PEFCU – $4304.93

Car – $5647.44
Savings = $6600.00

YAY I feel so much better now that I have gotten my debt WAYYY DOWN!


get a divorce (read all 2 entries…)
My feelings of Divorce are back...

I have tried to keep this relationship together. But for some reason I don’t want to do it anymore. In July will be 9 years. I think that my husband and I want different things in life and neither one of us are willing to compromise. I am going to give it 2 months. Pay off more debt and then drop the “D” bomb.

get out of debt (read all 48 entries…)
Back on the road...

To getting this debt paid off. I haven’t been slacking too much. I have still managed to keep paying down debt. It just hasn’t been as much as I wish.

My husband hasn’t been bringing in what he used too. Yesterday I was talking to my mom (about general stuff) and she said that I don’t have to pay her for my student loans anymore ($600 a month). She brought it up, not me. So I am in my glory!! That $600 can now go towards my CC debt. YAY for me! I haven’t told my husband because I don’t want him to talk me out of it.

get pregnant (read all 5 entries…)
I am 25...

and starting to think about kids more often. I want to divorce my husband because we are not on the same page and I can’t see myself having kids with him (sad… huh?). I would love to find someone to share this joy with.

get a divorce (read all 2 entries…)
When is the right time to tell someone...

That you want a divorce? My husband and I have been together for eight years (married 3). He is not abusive, so i can hold out as long as i need too. Right now I am waiting for our financial situation to get better. Everything is in my name.. So I will be the one to get screwed! I am paying down the CC’s as fast as possible.

He is not a bad guy, it’s just that I realize now that we are on different paths in life. I want someone who has the same goals as i do. I think I am going to tell him in a month.

get out of debt (read all 48 entries…)
Oh and..

I will be getting about $1700 back on my taxes. This will go to pay our property taxes.

Thank goodness. I did not want to take it out of savings.

get out of debt (read all 48 entries…)
This month is nice...

Ok so I will being $1100 to one credit card this month… COMPLETELY paying it off!!! YEAH one down, three more to go…

Publix CC – $2700
Chase CC – $1800
CITI CC – $6588

The only CC with an interest rate is the high one. So I will be making huge payments to this one until one of my CC’s offers a 0% interest deal. I can only hope. I only pay about $47 a month in interest on it but still that could be going to my principal balance. Thats like $600 a year in interest!


see all 50 states
I have 2 more to go...

All i need is Louisiana and North Dakota…. And I have made this goal.

get out of debt (read all 48 entries…)
I've been at it for...

almost 2 years now. I graduated w/ a Master’s Degree in March of 2007 and in June of 2007 I realized we will be homeless if we dont get our act straightened out. So..

06/07 – 12/07

-Sold anything and everything… Including my 2005 Honda Accord that had a payment.
-Purchased a used car for $2k.
-Rented out our house and moved in w/ my parents (Saved $1500 a month).
-Negotiated w/ credit card companies (0% offers).
-Changed cell phone companies (saved $40 a month w/ more minutes).
-Brought my lunch to work everyday.
-Went out less/spent less on entertainment.

01/2008 – 12/2008

-Continued to live w/ my parents.
-Bartered w/ parents.
– My husband will help remodel their house and we’ll live rent free.
-Paid down $19k in debt!!!
-Saved $4700 in EF!!!

01/2009 – 12/2009

-Continue on proven path.
-Put money into Roth IRA.
-Divorce my husband (We are on two different pages).
-He works to live now.
-I work to have a nice future.

I guess you could say that I have learned that my husband and I have different ways of looking at our money… Yes, we have paid down alot of debt (Because of my hard work and determination). But, I had to listen to my husband wine and cry because he can’t have a boat, or a wave runner or a jet ski.. Or a new gold chain… Things that shouldn’t matter now. And things that won’t matter when your living under a bridge. He needs instant gratification.. And if he doesn’t have it or get it… He feels as though he has no reason to work.

I have $140k in SL debt and from the looks of it he wont have any of this stuff for a long time (5 years). Not that I want to deprive him or anything… But, I feel our future is at stake if we don’t do anything about it now. Children, a house, living on our own… We can’t afford any of it if we spend our money the way he would like.

So what do I do?
Work my ass off for the next 10 years to get this debt paid off/down. And hope to find someone who has the same goals in life as I do. Shares the same need of financial security… Someone who is content w/ what they have but still strives for the good things in life…

I have made my own personal debt manageable. When I do get a divorce I can now afford to pay everything on my own. I could even afford buying a small condo for approx $50k (2/2 – roommate plan). My payments will be about $600 a month minus rent from roomie would be about $200 a month…

Thanks for Listening…

get out of debt (read all 48 entries…)
As I read on today!!

I noticed that there are 9,997 people who want to get out of debt! Only 3 more and we will make 10,000 people who want to stop the debt madness!! Go Us!

I had an extra $1000 last month and I sent it to ONE credit card!!! OMG it felt so good to get this card down by $1000. I am still plugging away at this debt. I hope by the end of the year I will have no CC’s left!

get out of debt (read all 48 entries…)

Ok so my mortgage interest rate had went up to 8.8% from 6.8% in October of 2008 and the actual payment went up about $460 (From 1075. to 1535)... EEEEKKK. Well we made some adjustments and were able to make the payments. Of course I was on the phone w/ the mortgage company right away trying to get a grip on this. For months I have been trying to do a loan modification!!! Well Today is the day! I finally found out that starting Feb 1 our payments will be @ 1072 a month and a 5% interst rate for the life of the loan!!!

You can’t see me but the smile on my face is from ear to ear!!!! :O)

So I figure If we were able to squeeze the $460 out of our A$$ then I will definitely be sending this extra $$ to the CC.

Oh this makes me feel soooo good!!!

get out of debt (read all 48 entries…)
When will it ever go away....

It seems like this debt is just sticking around long enough to make me insane! AAAHHHH

Ok now that I got that out of the way. My husband and I worked for New Years Eve and made $470 (Extra cash) So I sent that straight to the CC. And I sold some stuff and made an extra $300 – Sent that to the CC also. All of this is on top of the payments I already make. I stopped saving since I made my goal. And instead of the money going nto my savings account, it is now going straight to the CC.

So here is the new CC balances:

Chase 0% – $1905
Citi – $7100
Citi 0% – $1307.54
Publix – $1408.61

Grand Total: $11,721.15

I also got the new 2009 Quicken!! This will definitely help me when seeing where my money is going. How much I am actually spending on interest every month and how much I really spen on eating out & entertainment!!

exercise regularly
In 2008 I took alot of breaks from excercising...

But this year, I am not gona do it. So far I went twice this week and plan on going tonight and another night this week. I want to lose 20 pounds and keep my body tone. I know I can do it. I have done it in the past.

get out of debt (read all 48 entries…)
Goodbye 2008!!! Welcome 2009!

2008 was a good year. My husband and I paid off about $15k in debt!! Yeah GO US!

With that said We have about $13k in CC debt left and we should get all of them paid off by the end of 2009 hopefully sooner! We will both work our butts off to get this paid down. Here is a list of the CC and their balances:

Chase – 1950.00
Citi – 7100.64
0% – 2007.54
Publix – 1545.00

Grand Total: $12603.18

CC Payments for January:
Chase 0% – 50.00
Citi 8.99% – 500.00
0% (0% APR over in March)- 800.00
Publix 9.99% – 440.00 (<—EXTRA $340 from savings)

Total paid to CC n January: $1790.00
Beginning balance in February: $10,813.18

Since we reached the $5k savings mark. I think I am going to start sending the $340 that was going to savings straight to the CC’s.

I also just purhased the 2009 Quicken ($45.00) off of e-bay. This will help me stay focused as well. I can also keep track of how much we are paying in interest and in principle.

Well, I hope everyone has a Happy, Healthy, Debt-Free 2009!!

Save money (read all 14 entries…)
$400 Till i reach my goal of...

$5000… I can’t believe it… I’ve actually come within one month of making my goal!!! Once I have reached $5k I will send everything to my debt!!

get out of debt (read all 48 entries…)
Sold the phone for $150.00

Yeah… The phone I found has been sold for $150. Thank goodness! Sending this money straight to the CC! Got an extra $230 in my paypal account. Sending this to my CC as well! I am looking for high dollar items in my house so I can get this debt (CC – Approx $12k) paid off in less than one year. I want it gone by July!! Once I get this stuff paid off I will work on my student loans.

Oh I bought an SUV when gas was expensive.. I am going to try and sell it now that gas is cheap. Hopefully I can make some money on it. I paid $3k under value!!! I bought it as an investment!!!

get out of debt (read all 48 entries…)
43Things helps me stay focused!

I like coming on here when I feel down and out… Because then I realize that I am not the only one in this siuation.

Ok so I found a cell phone (worth $200) so I am going to sell this and get some extra cash to put towards debt. I also have a few websites that earn like $300 a month.. This will go to debt also.


get out of debt (read all 48 entries…)
A very small christmas this year...

Will help in getting this debt paid down!

No christmas bonus this year! But on the bright side.. My husband has alot of work and I will be getting paid 3 times (biweekly) in January. YEAH!!!! Our property tax bill dropped by $800 (normally $2500) so when i get my tax return (Approx. $2500) This will no longer be a wash! I will actually get about $800 back!! I plan on sending 100% to debt!

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