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learn to type without looking at my hands
easier surfing!

Do it. It’ll take hours off your forum posts!

Keep in closer contact with friends (regularly)
Hopeless at this...........

I need to do this. All my jobs have moved me about the country and Europe and I keep meaning to get in touch but then…..... time flies by!

take decent quality photographs of clouds
McNaught's Comet

OK, I understand that this Comet is visible just before sunset in the Western Sky? Went out tonight to search for it and there was the most amazing sky. Full of different colours, textures and incredible clouds. This time of year in UK we get some cracking skies/sunsets/and clouds. I’d just like to be able to do them justice with my inept camera skills. Any tips?

By the way, the comet was obscured by….............clouds!

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