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stop picking my skin (read all 43 entries…)
My boyfriends reaction

i’ve really only just realized in the last while how serious this is. It is not just a silly habit. It is an OCD. It is self harm.

My boyfriend and I went on a weekend away last week and he really got to see how ugly this is. I’ve been recently trying to substitute picking by snagging a hair tie on my wrist everytime I want to pick my face. But i use the metal part of the hairtie to hit my skin so that it really hurts. He saw my wrist all bruised and couldn’t understand how it was supposed to make me better.
When we went to the museum, it was warm inside and i rolled up my sleeve- completely forgetting that i had been picking at a scab on my wrist. So one wrist was completely bruised from the hairtie and the other was smudged in blood. This was as well as a particularly awful week of picking at my face.

On the way back home, my boyfriend tried talking to me about it. He said that he is gonna try and book me in with a psychologist or try and get me back to councelling (although that really didnt help last time). He said he hates seeing me hurt myself the way I do and that I need help. He said that this has got to stop and that this is no way to live.

He’s right. It was GOT to stop.

stop picking my skin (read all 43 entries…)

iv had this problem for over ten years. its more of a psychological problem than anything else. i’ve only recently realized why i’ve been doing this. i blame myself for something that happened me as a child and so “pick” on myself. the last few weeks i’ve been doing very well, but recently it’s been creeping back on me again. i thin the first step to getting over this is definitely to first off realize why you are doing this to yourself. it is a form of self-harm!

stop picking my skin (read all 43 entries…)

i’ve decided that even though its going to kill not gonna wear make-up into college tomorrow..well bar a tiny bit of concealer..:P

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