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fall asleep outside watching the stars with someone i care about
Love this idea

Ya know, even if its with the kids…I REALLY want to do this!

get my degree
Get smart

I have tried multiple times to get my degree. I think the main reason I have failed is that I have enrolled in school because other people wanted me to. After high school, my parents expected me to, so I did. A few years ago, my boyfriend wanted me to, so I did. Now, its just me. I owe it to my kids to set goals and see them through. I don’t know where I will go….I have an idea. It seems like the people I value are a swirling eddy around one particular place…we shall see.

lose 75 more pounds
The great slim down

In October, when my daughter was 5 months old, I realized I had only lost 8 pounds since I was full on pregnant with her. That meant instead of 312 pounds, I was at 304. God almighty. So, the week before Halloween, I started the whole Slimfast thing. To date, I have lost about 50 pounds. Its mostly the stress of being a newly single mom keeping me from eating very much or very often, but the shakes keep my nutrition level up enough to keep from collapsing! I still have about 75 pounds left to lose, but my confidence is up, and I can wear almost all of the clothes in my closet!

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