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detail my car
Getting Fresh!

Well for starters I have never detailed this car. I have detailed cars in the past for others as well as myself. I enjoyed losing myself in making everything in the car look like new again. So what my ultimate desire for this vehicle is to have a “Pimp My Ride” vibe where I don’t feel so bad when I’m rolling down the street:) I don’t feel totally bad now it’s just that I am making more friends now and being more active which means more people are seeing my car:) So just like with my own personal appearance I want to make a good first impression. I don’t want people to think that I am a slob or don’t give a rat’s tail about the interior or exterior of my car.

I need to:
1.) Thoroughly clean interior and exterior surfaces of car.
2.) Thoroughly clean carpets and upholstery.
3.) Thoroughly clean out trunk.
4.) Find feasible storage solutions for work pile up in car.
5.) Locate new seat covers, mats, steering wheel cover.
6.) Locate new wheel/hubcap covers.
7.) Clean headlights (Did this before results lasted for several months)
8.) Replace trim and license plate cover.

Wish me luck!

learn to play tennis
Started A Class

Hello there! I am a beginning tennis player so by no means am I a pro nor do I pretend to be. There is a local Tennis Center in my area and I just started classes. I have been having fun and hitting the ball I can’t wait until I can actually continue a game proficiently. We learned the forehand and backhand stroke so far, and I have an awesome and patient teacher:)

Donate clothing & other items to charity
Made A Donation

Hello there I have been riding around with a load of clothes in my car for like several weeks now. I made a conscious effort today that when I went out I would drop off the clothing items as well as some old books. So I feel good about that I still have more stuff I want to get rid of. I just have to sort it out and take it to the local charitable drop offs in my area.

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