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visit my grandparents more often
Does this count?

Ive been really busy which isnt much of an excuse but they do live around 40 minutes away so it isnt like i can pop down the road to see them. But I did call my gran & grandad .. and my Nana :) It was so cute to hear how excited they were when i said ’’Hi, its maddie’’. I do love them so. Picture of my Nana P├ępi (my spanish grandparent, red hair) and two of my cousins Bex (afro) & Lucas (blondie). Love ‘em all!

Take more photos
24 photos for art

so technically this wasnt on my own accord these photos were required for coursework but i reckon if i get into the habit theni’ll start taking them without being asked. I took 24 photos of natural structures, to do this I went for a walk in South Weald country park, now i dont hate nature or anything and I dont hate animals but damn was it a long walk with a whole loada flies and nettles. I got some amazing pictures though which I’m really proud of, my art teacher said he loved them and gave me tips on how to improve on a couple of the photos (stuff like composition, light ect.) I’ve uploaded my absolute favourite, take a look!

Achieve good results in my GCSEs
Business Studies & Critical Thinking

When i got my 30% results back for the two subjects mentioned in the title i was a bit upset I got D’s for both of them, today I found that I was one mark off a C in business and didnt get the lowest in the class as I thought and that in my Critical Thinking most people in our class got D, E and U’s.
Now for the good news , for 30% of my maths GCSE I got a C ! I have gone from U’s, E’s and D’s always, from year 7 for the first time I did well in a maths exam … C… can you believe it cause I cant! I must achieve a C or B in my next exam to get pass my Maths GCSE…Just got to keep it up now… wish me luck!

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