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  1. 1. sell one million copies of my gourmet cookbook
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  2. 2. Get a Tattoo
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  3. 3. Stop eating chocolate after midnight
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  4. 4. be a stay at home mom
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  5. 5. Read more
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  6. 6. Get more Sleep!
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Get more sleep
What is Good Sleep???

It is now 4:48am and I have been up all day! Working and trying to do business on the side is a killer! I hope it doesn’t catch up with me one day in the form of something bad, don’t want to say what cause I don’t want to put that out in the universe!

Will try to sleep 5 hours tonight…

Read more
Maybe a chapter a night...

Ok, so I need to find the time to read more. Maybe if I can come unglued from the computer, I would have more time! So many books…so little time!

sell one million copies of my gourmet cookbook
I Love to Cook!

Yes I love to cook! I’ve compiled over a hundred recipes and created five course meal menus out of them for gourmet entertaining at home. It’s a hit so far, but would love to reach my goal….some year!

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