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jump out of a plane
Go for it!

Life is short, just do it. Now that I have done it I might not ever do it again but you know what? I can say I did it and I have that experience!

Learn to cook (read all 49 entries…)
Salmon Fillet & Fungee

I made this back in July. This a bowl of Salmon that I pan fried until browned and then stewed. The stew had some browning in it naturally so the stew had a great savory yet caramel-like taste. On the side you will see some fungee there, which is basically corn meal and okra. This is the only way I am ever willing to eat okra.

Learn to cook (read all 49 entries…)
Another quickee

Would you believe that this really resulted from a can of mixed vegetables. I only had a can of mixed vegetables in water on hand so as much as I don’t like canned food I made it work. I turned those vegetables into a curry and layered it over some rice and peas with platano on the side. This all took about 20-25 minutes and the best thing about it is that it is vegetarian/vegan.

Learn to cook (read all 49 entries…)
In a crunch

I didn’t have a lot of time and I was hungry so I just threw this together real quick. It is just some stewed pigeon peas over some dumplins. As you can see I love garlic so you see soem minced garlic in there among the tomatoes. It is is more of a snack than a mean.

Learn to cook (read all 49 entries…)
Nothing new, just dinner

Rice & Peas, channa (chickpeas), and some roti on the side. Nothing special, just made it for dinner one night.

Learn to cook (read all 49 entries…)

Just some tostones

Learn to cook (read all 49 entries…)

Just some fried plantain

Learn to cook (read all 49 entries…)
Shrimp with plantain balls

This is some shrimp with plaintain balls I made earlier today. Happy mother’s day to all the mothers of the world!

Learn to cook (read all 49 entries…)
Curry Chicken Roti

This is a Curry Chicken Roti (Caribbean/West Indian style). Cooking curry chicken is run of the mill and simple enough. However, it took me a couple attempts to get the Roti skin the way it needed to be.

Roti skin seems to have a lot of variables. Thickness, when you flatten out the Roti skin with the rolling pin the thickness will affect the consistency and whether the Roti skin puffs up. Sitting time, because if you let the dough sit for a shorter or longer amount of time it will affect whether the Roti skin puffs up. Heat, because when you cook the Roti skin different amounts of heat(med vs med-high vs high) affects how well it puffs up. As you can see there is a theme here, try to get the Roti skin to puff up. Roti is good, but the best ones are the ones that puff up well imo.

Lastly, a tip for getting your Roti skin to puff up. Cook the Roti halfway on one side. The moment it is strong enough to be held, take it off the griddle/tawa and put it in the microwave for 30 seconds. I normally don’t condone the usage of the microwave but in this case it is a useful for getting that puff up effect we are looking.

Good West Indian Roti skin is like Japanese noodles, it is an art not a science.

Learn to cook (read all 49 entries…)
Asopao De Camorones

I made this last night. It is a Puerto Rican dish, in English it is Shrimp Stew. It is similar to a gumbo. I used brown rice so this is a pretty healthy dish.

Learn to cook (read all 49 entries…)
Fava bean soup

Unfortunately I don’t have an image of the food but I made fava bean soup and I suggest it because it is really good. It is basically Fava beans cooked with spices and then at the end of the simmering period it is put in a blender and blended into a nice thick soup.

build my muscles (read all 4 entries…)
Been doing it for a month

I have been doing this for a month and it seems to work. I don’t think I will ever get a gym membership again. My own body supplies all the weight I need. That is 1 bill less for me too.

get a six pack
Been a month

In a months time:
– I have seen my stomach become more toned
– I can see a light imprint of the abs without flexing sometime
– Clearly defined upper and middle abs when I flex
– I need to focus on my lower and mid stomach

Let me share some of my eating habits:
– Very high protein diet (like 60% protein, 25% whole wheat, 15% vegetables)
ALOT of protein shakes, about 1 a day (45 grams of protein and meal replacement)
– In between my three meals I’m snacking on almonds (plain)
– Drinking a lot of water (like a camel)
– For quick protein Tuna, Salmon, beef sticks, and vienna sausages
– For slow meals Rice & peas (a lot of peas), chicken, garbanzo beans

My exercise routine:
– About 20 minutes a day (pull ups, mountain climbers, push ups, ab roller, dips on a chair, sit-ups over an exercise ball)

I just wanted to share my findings so far in case it helps someone. Also maybe you guys have some comments and can help tell me what I am missing.

improve my credit score to 720
Starting off

I want to eventually get to excellent credit, but for now I will focus on good credit.

Save money
The goal

As of today, this will be my new goal; and naturally you can not get anywhere unless you have a destination. SO this is my destination:

- Save 3 months worth of expenses in a money market account
- Save $1k in a savings account

I’m primarily saving money so I can be safe in the case of an unforeseen event like a layoff. Just being responsible. :-)

Learn to cook (read all 49 entries…)
Another good meal

This is a some stewed fish steaks (pan fried first), fungee, and dumplins. I mixed the dumplin dough with ground flax seed for the added health benefits.

Learn to cook (read all 49 entries…)
Shrimp & Rice

I haven’t updated this goal with anything in a while so I decided to just add this. This is quick to make and also doubles for a good dish.

build my muscles (read all 4 entries…)
Ok back on it!

Ok, so now I am back on this. I am trying to gain mass. I have cut my gym membership because I barely have time to go anyway and it is a pain to drive there. Instead I have a shake weight, ab roller, iron gym, exercise ball, and curling bar at home. I am going to complete the collection by getting a dip bar and skipping rope. As far as I am concerned between these things and furniture around the house, this is all I really need. Btw, I am at 153 now.

Learn Spanish (read all 3 entries…)

So I am not completely dedicated to this goal yet, however I have rounded up some good resources and I study from time to time. I use for grammer, Pimsleur and for training my ears, to get feedback from native speakers, and as my dictionary. I am going to use Learning Spanish Like Crazy soon and start drilling myself on verbs with free cell phone apps.

Be debt free (read all 3 entries…)
Good news

A few weeks ago I brought down the balance on 3 out of 4 of my credit cards to $25 dollars or below on each. Naturally my credit score jumped up. I plan to finish off the remaining credit card in the next few days.

I will still have a college loan but I am not going to pay that off. That is a non revolving form of credit so I want to keep that around to make my credit history more diverse.

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