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  1. 1. try and fix the rift between my families
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  2. 2. Develop a better relationship with God
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  3. 3. give blood as often as possible
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  4. 4. list 100 songs that break and ease my heart and comment on the reasons why
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  5. 5. build a house with habitat for humanity
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  6. 6. improve my guitar playing
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  7. 7. create a new painting or paint at least once a month
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  8. 8. stop raving like a madman, and start raving like a leader
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  9. 9. be a better family member
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  10. 10. Fill a bottle with water from the Pacific Ocean and empty it into the Atlantic Ocean
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  11. 11. carpe diem
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  12. 12. sell stuff I don't need
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  13. 13. fill up my notebook
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  14. 14. Go to a jazz festival
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  15. 15. see Tom Waits perform live
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  16. 16. go to more concerts
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  17. 17. be cool, stay cool, and always remain the fonzy, you know what fonzy is?!
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  18. 18. sit on the dock of the bay (wasting time)
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  19. 19. write more letters by hand
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  20. 20. make the very best out of my 20's
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  21. 21. remember that I am not alone
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  22. 22. Get fit and stay fit
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  23. 23. read some Jack Kerouac
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  24. 24. find and agree on a fantastic band name, one that my band deserves
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  25. 25. Kiss in the rain
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  26. 26. see The National play live
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  27. 27. pay off my student loan
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  28. 28. Wish the fabulous John Lee an Over the Top, celebratory birthday on Inauguration Day 1-20-08
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My granny used to say ’ never regret the things that made you smile!’
I dont.

BUT that is why I regret to push the ‘i give up’ button!
There’s no point being someones option when you make them a priority. It’s just not fair, and in the long run, it’ll be better for us both.

The past few weeks have been really hard. I have had minimal contact with Jane. Texts. Not even spoke to her or seen her. And the messages have been cold and left me feeling really really down.
Today’s the day to hit the button.
Ive cried all the tears I can spare now and am sick of feeling worthless and unwanted. Its time to remove it off my list and out of my mind. The day I put the goal up I knew it would stare me in the face every day I logged into 43T, and maybe that is not going to help things.
Its time to dust of the cobwebs and pick myself up again.
It’s going to be hard but it’s the only option left I feel.
It’s the only things left I can do!
It’s the last thing I want to do, but giving up is the only way forward at this moment in time I think.
I tired of being sad and I want to be happy again.
If you love something, set it free.

She is set free.

But fuck it’s painful!

I could do with a hug right now :-(

try and fix the rift between my families (read all 7 entries…)
Nov 2008

Me and my brothers went on a trip this weekend to Ireland to see our family. Basically it was a good excuse to get away from here for a weekend and have a few nice pints of guinness. Even though we were pushed for time and had lots of people to see, we managed to see both of my uncles and their families. I was dissapointed to see that my auntie was out when we called at her house, but she will get the word that we called. I’m pleased all of my brothers were there to share the experience because it was normally me on my own doing all the visiting. The next step is to get my mum and dad to visit them and make bygones bygones!

go to a jazz club
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