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  1. 1. keep a diary
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  2. 2. visit new york city
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  3. 3. Run
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  4. 4. Fast for 48 hours
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  5. 5. Attend every class this semester
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  6. 6. learn to speak German
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  7. 7. give more compliments
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  8. 8. Take a picture everyday
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  9. 9. identify 100 things that make me happy (besides money)
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  10. 10. Get a tattoo
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Get a tattoo
The plan

Every day I will draw something on my body with permanent marker, and take a picture with mac photobooth. At the the end of the week I will delete 6 of the designs. at the end of the 2011 I will pick my favorite and maybe get it for real.
Rules for the final:
Small enough to be covered by a 1×3 bandaid.
Without numbers or letters

visit new york city
The plan

Go on the art history spring term that spends a week in NYC

The plan

I will go to the track twice a week and run until it hurts. then walk for a few minutes and run once more until I have to stop.

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