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  1. 1. be less awkward
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  2. 2. stop procastinating
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  3. 3. find a job
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  4. 4. vegetarian
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  5. 5. excersice
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  6. 6. Fall in love
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  7. 7. learn yoga
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  8. 8. Get out more
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  9. 9. Get to know myself
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be less awkward (read all 2 entries…)

I just discovered I’m not shy or awkward around elders or people with disabilities… But it’s really hard to talk to other girls, keep a conversation, and even worst with guys..
In biology class I was just paired with 3 boys, so I wish I can Overcome the awkwardness heheh for the sake of our group.

Also, I find out that when I’m talking with someone I tend to forget about everything, like what’s my favorite color(?), and that’s pretty much why I can’t keep a conversation :/


I’m gonna try kick boxing :D


I’ve been thinking of going vegetarian for a few years now, but it’s hard when everyone in your family eats and cook meat every single day. I don’t love meat that much, so I think with a job I’ll have resources t buy my own stuff t eat… I’m alredy refusing to eat meat ;)

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