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Day 1

Ok so I have made this morning Day 1 (being a Monday here in Oz)of course I checked FB before I even got out of bed to make sure people werent trying to get hold of me (of course no one was LOL) then promptly logged out about 2 mins later. I have a busy morning and will be out but it will be interesting to see how I cope when I get home. I have removed FB from my phone aswell. Im feeling rather disconnected to be honest..

facebook less (read all 2 entries…)
2nd attempt

Stayed off a week about a month ago. Trying again but this time ONLY logging on for emergencies (eg update business page or reply to inbox messages). If I dont need to log on I just wont.

This Goal is proving harder than Quitting alcohol!

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Goal in my sights..

Up to running 30km on long runs now..only 6 weeks from Marathon.

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