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make a difference in someone's life
Do you live by yourself on another planet?

If not, what is your excuse!

You don’t have to push someone out from under a falling piano to make a difference in their life but it does take a little effort – like releasing the muscles in your frown to form a pretty smile for someone; or a kind hand gesture while waiting at the traffic light. If you have all kinds of crazy energy maybe you could pick up the phone and push a few numbers, wash a car or mow a lawn. Maybe you know someone who would appreciate a nice meal, a visit, or even a card. Why not just do it?

be understood by my family
Just be you

I spent 30+ years struggling with this and in the end, after both of my parents were dead I realized that the inability to see the forest for the trees is just part of being a parent. Doesn’t mean they don’t love you – just that they might never understand you. I guess if I had it to do over again (and if I cared more about what my family or anyone else thought of me – which I didn’t and still don’t) I would not let there be any mistake about who I am and what I stand for.

Take over the world
Dubya tried it..

Nobody likes him now!

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