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  1. 1. want to find my dad now
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  2. 2. i want to go into residential-housing contracting
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want to find my dad now
i going to find my father

i haven’t seen my father in over 10 years. i want to talk to him so badly. i hurts soo much. every time i talk to one of my dad’s brothers or his parents they always tell me how much i’m like him. except he was a non stop smoker and an alcoholic. my parents got divorced when i was 6 and i saw him for a little bit, like a couple of months. then one day out of the blue he was gone no trace of him. no one knows where he is. but about 5 years ago my aunt heard he was in kingman so that’s where i’m going to start my search. his name is patrick brian martin if you know his whereabouts please for the love of god contact me.


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