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Go Visit Stonehenge

I went the summer of 2000. I bought a moonstone pendant in Bath, England and was able to have a little boy touch the stone to a rock. (the security guards gave him permission)

protest for something you believe in

I was at the Nafta riots in Miami. I also protested the war for oil and did a documentary photography project about the people I met there.

Learn to change a tire

Thankfully I’ve never had to do this on my own car :-)

swim in turquoise water
Oooh baby

I have done this in FL, Costa Rica, and Hawaii.

:-) bliss

run up the "rocky steps" in philly
Cheesy but still a workout

I seem to find myself compelled to do this every time I go to Philly!

ride on glass-bottom boat

I did this at Silver Springs in FL.

try soy milk or rice milk

As a lifelong veg, I have tried them all. I am now trying to eliminate soy from my diet. Rice milk is too thin for my taste. I prefer oat milk for coffee or cereal. Hemp milk is great for cereal or smoothies. Almond too.

I want to get a Soybella so I can make my own nut milk, without added sugar or preservatives.

headbang at a concert

Yeah baby :-)

PS. I went with my mom.

make homemade salad dressing
Hemp Seed

I love the recipes in the Candle Cafe cookbook :-)

find your favorite poem
Edna ST Vincent Millay

I love “What lips my lips have kissed”

play board games
Monopoly and Life...

Are my favs. I’m also a Parchesi fan :-)

sleep in a hammock
By the ocean in CR

On a trip to Nosara, I slept in a hammock by the ocean. Magical.

read "The Little Prince" in multiple languages

I bought a copy in Paris at the Little Prince store.

watch cartoons from your childhood
Yeah for the internet

I still love the Smurfs :-)

spend a whole Saturday in bed

I do this a lot. It’s good to have a day of mental and physical rest :-)

Go to the top of the Space Needle in Seattle.
Seattle Dreaming

If I had life to do over again, I would have moved to Seattle in the mid-90’s when grunge ruled. I visited in 2003 and experienced perfect weather for my whole trip. All the locals let me know that was rare :-)

ride in a horse drawn carriage
Central Park

My dad took me on a horse drawn carriage ride through Central Park when I was a little girl.

Watch a space shuttle launch
FL fun

I grew up in FL so I’ve seen the launch both close up in Coco Beach and in my hometown. I saw the Challenger blow up outside my bedroom window when I was about 10. Sad.

visit the liberty bell
The city of Brotherly Love

I love Philly and have visited several times. On my first trip, I went for my birthday, July 3rd. I met a very kind man who worked at the state park that encompasses the liberty bell, so I got an insider’s perspective.

Wake up to the sounds of a tropical rainforest
Costa Rica

I stayed in some amazing spots on a trip through Costa Rica with my little sis. I also lived on the jungle side of Maui for four months.

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