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Exercise 3 days a week any way I can
Thinking of buying an elypticon...

Just thinking…. tomorrow is monday and i´ll HAVE TO exercise!!!! i hate exercising but i´m willing to go pass my hate!!!

Do my nails once a week because it stops me from bitting them
Nails done for this week!!

Did while watching tv!!!! Hope I don´t bite them this week!!!

Brush my teeth after ALL meals and floss at least once a day
Firsth day of january was ok!

The hard part is to remember to brush my teeth every time i eat. I found out, after only one day doing this, that i´m living in an unorganized way when it comes to me eating habits. this means that i don´t actually have defined meals as i should. I work in very strange hours so it´s always a challenge to sit down and eat, specially if i´m to do do so every day at the same time. The result: i go on all day eating almost all the time and making snacks… thousands of them! So in january 1st 1 bruched my teeth 12 times!!!!! Lol!!!

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