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get rid of acne
Look into what you eat

I’ve struggled with cystic acne in my teen years and in my 20s. I’ve been on roaccutane 4 times and tried many different types of topical creams on the market without much respite. After my last visit to a yet another dermatologist whose first recommendation was to go on roaccutane yet again, I decided that I needed to take a closer look at my diet and what was really causing my acne in the first place. I was done with dermatologists. It takes a lots of trial and error to find the root causes as everyone’s cause of acne is different. In my case, I really needed omega 3 supplements, cutting out most diary, reducing my sugar intake and avoiding processed food as much as possible. It isn’t easy as I love my sweet treats. I still indulge every now and then (to my own detriment) but at least now I know what is causing my acne and that I don’t have to resort to potentially harmful drugs which only serve to suppress acne, not treat it.

travel more
New Experiences

For 2012, I have made new year’s resolution to travel to two new countries. I used to love travelling a lot when I was a student. In my twenties, life got complicated with professional work and family matters, and I found that I wasn’t really visiting new places and opening my eyes and mind to new experiences. Now that things seem to have settled down a little bit, I will make the effort to visit all the places that I keep dreaming about. I will be realistic for 2012 and aim to visit two new countries.


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