Don't eat fast food
I was addicted

... now whenever I get close to one, it stinks sooooo bad!

Learn to sew my own clothes!
...too bad I can't keep up!

Now that I know the how-to I can’t stop starting clothes,
getting to a good point with them and then leaving them behind
when all I need is a small detail like buttonholes and such…

But all in all definitely an interesting thing to learn!

register some books on and release them

Love reading for free…

live in italy
...a REAL choice

I was born here. Here is Italy. Then I flew to Toronto, Canada,
for 4 years, after Amsterdam for a few months. Well. I came
Being born here wasn’t much of a choice, but living here is.
Definitely worth doing.

Learn Portoguese
One more.

I was born in Italy. Speak Italian.
Raised by a Canadian mom. Speak English.
Went to languages school. Speak French.
Needed something easy to make up credit at University. Speak Spanish.

But what I really want to know is Portoguese. Just one more.

Get better at sewing my own clothes
If I could just finish....

....what I start.
I started a sewing class this past winter, and I have finished
that one for sure. Now I have something like 3 pair of pants, 3 skirts, 1 shirt and a summer dress STILL TO FINISH UP! And loads
of fantabulous fabric I can’t help buying. I mean, I love to
design clothing, buy fabric for it, create patterns, cut the
fabric, put the pieces together… and try it out. Once it is
all ok and all I need are finishing touches, I leave it all
there, zips to sew on, buttonholes to make, hems to finish. I have to hire help?????



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