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stop watching MTV's Parental Control

its a wierd show but its ok.the only shows on MTV are My Life as Liz (when its on) and Jersey Shore (only when super bored) .

survive middle school

Well you see i’m only 12. (soon i’ll be 12 (i’m kidding my b-days 6months away)) so um yeah. i’m well terrifed of getting shoved into a locker or even getting my close stolen when im in the locker room.cuz i’ve been bullied(and grounded) my whole flippin life.I do something wrong cuz now that the bully(mc lane) is a frienmie.we have found something that we share besides being grounded for all of our lives.we found out we both like anime like naruto, soul eater,and one piece ( after we had counsuling).
plus i’ve been moody ( not whiney or super happy)( as in sad, violent, or mean)( i’m violent cuz of karate ( yet i just watch through the window when i’m in gymnastics.))
he gets mad say bye-bye to me. and i’ll say this “cant you let me off-the-hook cuz i havent had a good boyfriend yet.”
plus know its the districk so middle school is gonna be a daydream ( i dont like daydream it makes me feel nervous idkw). AAAAAAHHHHH!!!! Not To Metion older kids.but then again the only reason we go through the pain in elementary school is so we have more to look forwards to. like slushie at lunch.still you dont get micheal jackson dance parties on friday.OH WHO CARES!!!!

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