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House Hunting

Oh a hunting I will go…
It’s the perfect time to buy a house – the market is at an all time LOW and people are selling houses at rock bottom prices. However, for me, it’s two things that hold me back:
2. Comitment
I have a hard time deciding what color duvet cover should go on my bed or what shoes to even wear to work in the morning – let alone buying a house!
I took time to look on – and found a few places that were nice – decent price – and had a back yard.
Back yard is important because I want to get a dog – seems like a silly thing to think about when you are buying a house…right? But some people are thinking about what school district to put their kids in…and with no kids in my near future…I can buy my house based on the back yard, the bathtub and the closet.
Nothing in the near future – but hey…this list is for a lifetime…right??

rearrange my bedroom (read all 3 entries…)
Still not in place

can you believe it’s been months since I mad the first move of the furiture in my room and my dresser still has been parked in the dead center of the room.
the “sub-goal” for this project is to buy a laptop computer to rid my huge PC that is keeping my desk in the spot where my dresser belongs.
time to finance the computer – the desk should be history in the next few months – I just have to get my ducks ($$) in a row!

rearrange my bedroom (read all 3 entries…)
Too much furniture

I realized all too soon that I should have measured furniture before moving it! I have one too many pieces of furniture and I am in a bind. It was as though a puzzle has been disassembled – but want my room to look nice – and not like a sardine can – stuffed with furniture bordering my entire room. We shall see how this works out – I may have to take a car load of stuff to goodwill. The worst is over of the mess – now it’s time to find all my belongings a home.

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