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  1. 1. lose weight
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  2. 2. Grow my hair as long as possible
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  3. 3. do the master cleanse
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lose weight (read all 3 entries…)
Day 9

So i am sticking with my plan. Except workout, i couldn’t do my cardio and swimming because of my period. Yesterday i cheated a bit with a slice of pizza and potato but i am still proud of myself for still doing it and not giving up. I lost 1 kg so far, in the morning my scale shows even 2 but at the end of the day it’s one. :)I drink a lot of water and eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. No sugar or bread and eating after 6 pm.

... And you know what? Now when I watch what I eat and workout I feel so much better about myself and it shows in my everyday life. It makes me feel soooo good :)


lose weight (read all 3 entries…)
Day three is painfully finished :)

So today I woke up and my leg muscles were hurting so bad because of yesterday’s cardio that I couldnt even walk normally. And thats why I couldnt exercise today but I still ate my salad and fruits and drank a lot of water. Still better than nothing :)
Stay motivated everyone! ;)

lose weight (read all 3 entries…)
Day two is finished! :)

I feel great, today I did cardio for 30 mins (i really recommend this routine, its actually quite fun! – yesterday I went swimming for 45 min so I feel great. I didn’t eat any carbs or sweets and instead I eat a lot of vegetables and fruit and I drink only water and non-sugared coffee. :)

Have a great day and don’t give up on your goal!;)


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