so nice outside!!

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Learn to fly a helicopter
fly anywhere!

it’d be awesome. screw cars, i’ll FLY to your house. haha make an extravagant entrance and exit every time i go somewhere! like the grocery store! haha!

run every morning
apple a day keeps the doctor away

i heard from a friend that running uses a large number of your muscles. and i read from a health book that running releases endorphins that naturally make you happy. I could use both. I’d like to work out more since i have some free time i could use it to benefit my health.

fall asleep outside watching the stars with someone i care about

i hope it’s not too cold outside haha i’m a loser and by loser i mean hopeless romantic. my last love really screwed me over and i guess i’m really looking for what i lost. i don’t know why i’m capable of sharing this with all these strangers but its relieving at the same time. i hope i can do this soon with a special <3

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