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is wishing she had coffee and reviewing her 10 things to do.

visit all 50 states (read all 2 entries…)

visited 8 states (16%)Create your own visited map of The United States or Free android travel guide

finish editing my manuscript

I have totally sucked at this so far. NanoWrimo is coming up and I have doing that as a goal also, so it may be next year before I can really dig into this goal.
I’m not giving up on it though.

Lose 10 pounds (read all 2 entries…)

Well, I am 5.2 pounds down on my 10 pound goal, so I am pretty stoked about his.
I have been using and to help, and so far its going pretty well.
I lost the 5.2lbs in about 3 weeks and hope to lose the next 4.8 in about the same time period.
I will keep updating on this as I go.

Put sunblock on every day! (read all 2 entries…)

I have been pretty fabulous about this so far.
I put the sunblock on it the morning after I wash my face and brush my teeth. I am making it part of my morning routine and have done very well at incorporating it so far.
I’d mark this as done, except that I’ve only been doing it for 3 weeks—not really long enough to call a habit.
I’ll keep at it for the time being, and if I can do this daily for three months it’ll be a habit and I can mark done—even though I do intend to keep doing this for life.

Reduce my stress level (read all 2 entries…)

So the yoga has helped although I can’t really quantify how much. I have not managed to do Yoga daily, and I am also trying to lose weight so I have adjusted my goal there to try to do cardio Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and Yoga every other day.
The cardio is also good for stress relief and should have other good benefits.
I can’t really say how much less stressed I am. Maybe it takes a while to get out of the stress habit.
For now, I am going to keep at it with the exercise and see how that does. Perhaps as I go on I will need to make bigger changes, but for now I am going to keep working on it using the plan above.

visit all 50 states (read all 2 entries…)
So Far I've been to:

1. Arizona
2. New Mexico
3. Louisiana
4. Texas
5. California
6. Arkansas
7. Colorado
8. Oklahoma
9. Nevada
10. Kansas
So I guess I have 40 states to go!

Lose 10 pounds (read all 2 entries…)
By Nov. 15 2011 hopefully...

I actually have about 45 to lose. But I figure if I do five pound increments I can track my progress and feel successful. lol!
I’m watching what I eat (using the lose it app) and trying light exercise (hence the hatha yoga.) I’ll work on working my way up to more strenuous exercise as I go.

lose five pounds
Well, to start with anyway!

I actually have about 45 to lose. But I figure if I do five pound increments I can track my progress and feel successful. lol!
I’m watching what I eat (using the lose it app) and trying light exercise (hence the hatha yoga.) I’ll work on working my way up to more strenuous exercise as I go.

Do NaNoWriMo

I signed up last year and failed miserably.
This year will be different. I will be a winner. Dang it, I will! Going to sign up right now.
So it’s getting really close and I have work to do before November hits. Like find a plot. And some structure. That way I will have a bit of a roadmap and can just forcus on the WRITING when 11/1 hits.
Here we go people—it’s nearly time…

Put sunblock on every day! (read all 2 entries…)

So I have a great deal of sun damage to my face. Im not talking freckles—I’m talking rough spots that won’t go away. And freckles.
I’ve started a plan to put sunblock on my face and neck every single day in the morning. I’ve been using neutrogena. I tried the 110 UV block but it gets in my eyes and makes them burn half the day. Now I’m using the 70 full spectrum UV block that goes under makeup. It works really well and doesn’t get in my eyes, so I’ve found a winner for every day sunblock.
I need to start putting sunblock on my other exposed bodyparts daily too—like my shoulders and arms.

learn yoga
Beginning Yoga Practice

My goal is to do a practice every day. I am doing this at home, as we don’t have a yoga class anywhere near where I live, and its easier to make time at home rather than trying to find a sitter every day. So far I have done a few of the hatha yoga beginner practices from the DVD I ordered. I had no idea how stiff and inflexible I am. I also had no idea of the strength and effort it takes to hold some of the poses.
The stress relief has been really good, and I’m hoping that in a few months the flexibility will be better also.
I guess the key is to keep at it, and that is where I generally run into problems.

Reduce my stress level (read all 2 entries…)
Starting Out

So this goal goes along with the weight loss goal. Part of the reason I put on so much weight is my stress level is out of control and I am a stress eater.
Life sucks? Have some cheese fries with a strawberry shake and a snickers icecream bar. That’ll make everything better, right?
So, I have decided to try yoga. It doesn’t burn a ton of calories (at least not the hatha yoga) but its supposed to be amazing for stress. Right now, I am trying to do at least one segment of beginners yoga a day for the stress reduction and flexibility. It isn’t a long time to set aside—20 to 30 minutes for the programs I’m currently doing, so its not like I can say I’m too busy.
I just have to make the time and keep at it.

Get back to my "ideal" weight
Beginning the process

I’ve been steadily gaining weight since my frst kid was born 5 years ago. Three kids and 5 years later, I’m heavier than I’ve ever been—heavier even than I was when I was pregnant. I need to lose 46 to 51 pounds to be back in my ideal weight range.
Today is my first day to work on this.
I have a couple things I need to keep in mind as I work on this. I’m a stress eater, and I think that accounts in large part for my weight gain. I also need to make time to eat right, and work out to help with the stress and increase my weight loss. Most of all, I have to keep at it and realize that when I hit my ideal weight I don’t just get to go back to eating whatever I want.



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