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  1. 1. create spell
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  2. 2. Become a Mermaid - Part 2
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  3. 3. become a mermaid with my friend
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  4. 4. to turn into a mermaid
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  5. 5. i want to be a mermaid
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  6. 6. mermaid
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  7. 7. to be a mermaid
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  8. 8. become a mermaid
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become a mermaid (read all 15 entries…)
Ok so here u go

So I just realized I am a Mermaid ahhh it was a quiz i took it at this awesome web site here it is its awesome and i am a fairy witch and wizard please comment and u can ask me if u want to use a spell from me u can awesome see yah
Bye _ Mermagic1019

become a mermaid (read all 15 entries…)

so today i read a book about mermaids and they say they make ships crash by singing so please answer of these is it true that that happens 2.what does it fell to have a tail 3. how can i become one when want 4. what does it fell when u use your powers please let all of my wishes come true the way we want it forever and ever will be be plase

Become a Mermaid - Part 2 (read all 13 entries…)

i made a club called the magical Mermaids please join now

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