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  1. 1. grow my hair long
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  2. 2. get a dog
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  3. 3. get a house
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  4. 4. grow my hair really long
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How to become a mermaid
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I started this goal way back when there was only FIVE people doing it. I left when the show H2O came out and caused the place to be flooded with kids and pre-teens that all just wanted to be like the H2O girls, and a bunch of people just started making stuff up as well. I did achieve this goal and became a true mermaid, but I moved back inland because of true love and now I am feeling landlocked, and pain from being so far from the water. So I decided to see how people here were doing, if anyone was making any real progress.

grow my hair really long
I want Rapunzel hair!

I wanna grow my hair down to the floor! I stopped using hair dryers and straighteners and started taking vitamins like Biotin. My sister and I are having a hair growing race :P

get a house

I want my own house so I can decorate any way I like and have any pets I like. Screw renting

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