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  1. 1. start a photo journal
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  2. 2. learn more about Buddhism
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  3. 3. be a vegetarian
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  4. 4. be interviewed
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  5. 5. find a pen pal
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  6. 6. not be afraid of eye contact
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  7. 7. stop cracking my knuckles
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  8. 8. learn to flirt
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  9. 9. smile more
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  10. 10. find a best friend
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  11. 11. get a dog
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  12. 12. learn to SCUBA dive
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  13. 13. exercise regularly
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  14. 14. Learn how to give massages
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  15. 15. make friends
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  16. 16. run a marathon
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  17. 17. Be more patient with my parents
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Recent entries
find a pen pal
Email Pal

I used to have a pen pal in grade school. I can’t remember what grade exactly, but I think my letters were going to someone in the U.K. (I live the U.S.). We corresponded for a few months, and eventually we lost contact. A few of my classmates retained their pen pal for a longer time, but I still had fun even though my experience was short-lived. I might even have one of the letters lying around my house.

I think it would be great to have someone I could write to every once in a while. Someone who I can write to about my daily, weekly, or monthly happenings in my life. Sounds kinda fun to have that sort of connection with someone who is from a different country… even if it is just by email. And email is probably the best way to go. It’s easy, saves money, and will most likely keep correspondence going longer than via snail mail. But hey, I’d give the good ‘ol snail mail pen pal method another chance if I had the opportunity!

take up archery.

I found a nice little archery range just a few minutes away from my house. They offer lessons and the staff seem very friendly. I’m definitely interested.

start a photo journal

I said I would start up a “picture of the day” website once I got a decent camera. I got my camera 3 years ago and I still have nothing to show for it.

Maybe I’m being too ambitious with a photo everyday. Perhaps I will start off with a “photo of the month.”


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