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Perfect my sonnet.
This is my sonnet. I know it needs punctuation but i dont know if the ones i have in are right or not!!!

The Fading of Winter

Walk slow with me towards our winters release;
Lifes odyssey will in eternal hope
Make true the pass of Us ‘Neath lovers skies in peace;
Yet hearts destined for Heavens elope,
Shall dance through the daffodils of springs rebirth
And traverse the angry but ‘oft serene rivers,
Ease in time to shy streams with summer’s sunny flirt
With hot days to conjure winter shivers.
As autumn leaves in dreamscape flurry,
In too short a time blow from trees and land
On snowy banks in my ancient memory, I hurry,
To catch the skeletal leaf of youth in my hand.

You’re my eternal summer and the fire in my heart;
But spring and summer one day have to part.
© MichelleGeaney

Quit my job, Travel around America for 3 months and come home to start fresh
Really want to make the most of my life

My dream travel is to travel around America for 3 months – New York, Cape Cod, Boston, The Grand canyon, Niagara falls,Montana, San Francisco, Memphis, New Orleans, Salem, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, but to name a few. I want to pack in my job and start fresh when I get back from travelling doing something I love like Interior Design [which is a goal] and Gardening and Landscaping. I hope I can reach that goal.

cut down on cigarettes (read all 2 entries…)
Doing better today

I am definitily doing better today but i know its because I was at work and couldnt smoke!! Im wondering if i try his….If i am at home to try tie my fag breaks to the times i have a fag break at work would that work. I hope so. Will try that at the weekend!

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