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  1. 1. become a dragon
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  2. 2. Fall in love
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  3. 3. become an angel
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  4. 4. be able to bend water and fire
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  5. 5. how to become a mermaid
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  6. 6. become famous
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  7. 7. Become a Famous singer
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how to become a mermaid
How to become a mermaid

I read that you have to write your own spell and it usually only works on a full moon so do it only on a full moon. First, get any part of your body wet, Second, pick out a symbol (something that means a lot to you. A bracelet, necklace or anything that will show up when you grow a tail). Third, wear your symbol and read your spell 10 times while you and your symbol are wet. Fourth, when you are done you may face some side effects like…....

Headache, nausea, vomiting, legs sticking together, legs wanting to stick together, wanting to go inside of water, and feel weak when wet.

It works for boys but just say merman if you mention it in your spell.


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