2013- Starting a new life

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Moved out

into my own house share, although this is the start I still need to find out what is around me, start making the most of my time, making time to do chores, do DIY myself and decorating myself and not rely so heavily on others to provide me with stuff for my room.

Settle in a different city and build a life for myself (read all 2 entries…)
I am kind of bored

of the life that I lead at the moment. Having a lot of trouble getting a job so I think I will have to set myself some small goals just to keep on track. I am sick of being useless and I think people around me think that I am a waste of space. I need to sort myself out soon. I will be 24 soon and I have never ever felt so lost in my life.

Make the most of my 20's (read all 4 entries…)
26/07/2013... Updated List

Pass exams in November minimum of 2

-Get some work experience in accountancy

-Go jogging everyday and strengthen my back

-Buy a house

-Be more confident in job interviews

-Live in a househare

-Give vegetarianism another go..

-Take more risks, be spontaneous

-Have a lot of holidays

-Get in shape, be a healthy weight

-Start eating healthier

-Continue with therapy

-Continue to be positive, things should never get as bad as they were so that I want to harm myself

-Make more friends

-Make peace with my past

-Find God again

-Save up 20 Thousand for a deposit

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