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Since I’m sick thought I’d start this:
Reading: Susanna Siegelbaum Gives Up Guys BY June Foley….
Think it’s a teen book but it’s in my pile, might as well start with the easy ones…
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June 7, 2012

1. Got up.
2. Take care of my dog.
3. Wait on my boyfriend.
4. Hang out with mom.
...clean room.
5. Go for a walk.
6. Make plans for weekend.

Things to do Today (read all 5 entries…)
June 6, 2012

So far:

One:Texted my friend Happy Birthday.

Two:Took care of my hurt puppy.

(He had to get stitches last Friday, is now healing.)

Three:Hung out and talked.

(About problems and how we feel.)

Four:Boyfriend came over.

(Something I left in his truck that I really needed)

Five:went to wal-mart.


Six:went for a walk.

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