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If it's not epilepsy - What is it?
The Crux.

I have blackouts or fadeouts or whatever you call them…

Whatever they are – I cease to belong to reality for minutes at a time? – I’ve had experts tell me what it isn’t, (namely epilepsy, thankfully), but no one can tell me what it is?

This christmas will bring with it the 14th year of these… episodes.

I don’t want a cure… just a name.

Write, Design and Program a Computer Game
By George, He's got it!

Ok… After months of thinking, scrapping and re-thinking every plot I’ve ever conceived… I finally have a working storyline (yay?!).

The name of this eloquaintly, massive waste of time is;

TradePort 13.

It’s a sci-fi horror and fans of star-trek are gonna absolutely, without doubt, hate it to it’s very core!

The Plot;
You arrive at TradePort 13 and are immediately arrested for hauling contraband cargo across the galaxy. Whilst inside your detention cell, everything on the station goes disastrously wrong for all onboard.
Your only objective is to escape the station – Alive!

It’s a cross between a game and an E-book. With multiple choice continuations in the story, mental puzzles and (hopefully), a completely working stats and inventory system.
(At this point; I’d just like to add if there’s anyone out there in the habit of plagiarism, feel free to go ahead and steal this idea, preferably bringing it out before I get the chance to complete it, then I won’t have to waste my time working on yet another N.B.F. -That’s N.B.F. = Natural Born Failure).

- I’m optimistic about this venture – Can’t you tell?. =)


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