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  1. 1. go to the portland zoo
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  2. 2. exercise regularly
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  3. 3. start a small business
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  4. 4. clean off my porch
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clean off my porch

its ugly terrible disgusting to look at! I will buy some outdoor shelves and some tupperware with lids to tidy it up. Sweep off the rug. Organize the toys. Finish raking the lawn, and the yard will look great.

start a small business
My small biz

it’s a killer idea, I know it will be awesome. Hopefully! Not the right tiem to do it just yet. but the time will come and I will put all my energy into that little shop!

go to the portland zoo
The Portland Zoo

We live in central Oregon and our son is 5. We have wanted to take him to the portland Zoo since he was about one year old and now he is old enough and smart enough to appreciate all the zoo can offer him. We took him to the fresno zoo in california when he was 2, and he just loved that! Plus, we totally want to go see all the animals!!


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