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  1. 1. judge less
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  2. 2. Talk less...Listen MORE
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  3. 3. See the good in every person.
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  4. 4. loose 30 lbs
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See the good in every person.
All Heart

I used to think it was weak of me to compare myself of other people, maybe even make me “envious”. I assumed I needed to be happy with myself…

Then I came to the conclusion that “There is always room for improvement”, whatever good traits I can take from another person and use in my life the better.

So I want to continue to seek the good in every person, and learn from everyone I can.

talk less/listen more
Insert foot into mouth...

Most the time I just say too much. I need to learn that you don’t always have to talk to let a person know you are listening.

judge less
Don't judge a book by it's cover...

I tend to have a lasting perception of a person by one less than perfect encounter…I want to be more forgiving and accepting.


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