I'm doing 17 things

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  1. 1. get in shape
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  2. 2. Learn to play the guitar
    13,758 people
  3. 3. Keep in Better Contact With the Friends I Have and Make New Friends
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  4. 4. exercise more
    5,624 people
  5. 5. Buy a House
    14,082 people
    4 people
  7. 7. get rid of my stretch marks
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    232 people
  8. 8. write a book
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  9. 9. speak spanish fluently
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  10. 10. learn to sing
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  11. 11. own my own store one day
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  12. 12. Learn to belly dance
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  13. 13. have higher self esteem
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  14. 14. be a better mother
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  15. 15. go to college
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    4,487 people
  16. 16. get my driver's license
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  17. 17. get a tummy tuck
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Recent entries
get rid of my stretch marks
My stretch mars are fading sorta

This is what I’ve noticed about stretch marks and other scars. I all depends on how deeply the scar is in your skin. At least my skin.. Older and brand new scars faded quickly. My sttrect marks that were faint lines are gone but those stretch marks that are like 50 layers deeps are still here and honestly I don’t see a real difference . Oh, using NADIAS cocoa butter BTW. So try it in small scars and , light scars, and realy new ones other than that I say plastic surgery is the only thing

Get a tattoo
my 2nd tat

yea, yea, i know

throw a 70's party
MY 21st B day

For my 21st birthday I am throwing a 70’s Seafood Extravagaza! The last time I had a b-day party I was 9 it was horrible. So this is my treat to myself . I can legally drink and go on BEALE st. YAY!


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