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  1. 1. I want to do better at school
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  2. 2. stop picking my skin
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  3. 3. learn to draw
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  4. 4. Write 100 things I love about My Boyfriend.
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  5. 5. drink more water
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  6. 6. stop biting my lip
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  7. 7. Get a tattoo
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Recent entries
stop picking my skin

every time you see me i always picking a my skin. its either my face, pimples, my lip, my legs hands everywhere it is really becoming annoying and i end up bursting my skin causing it to leave marks i try my best but it really hard to do.. im doin it now ughhh why cant i stop.

Write 100 things I love about My Boyfriend.
why i wanna become mrs.williams

1.i love you because you love me
2.i love you because you dont see my flaws care about me
4. you take my advice
5. i love you because you try to act like you dont care when i know that you do
6. you defend me no matter what
7. you tell me you love me everyday
8. no matter how many girls like you, you take no notice of them
9. you tell me the truth even when i dont want to hear it
10. you tell me about you problems
11. you get jealous for the simplest thing as a phone call from a guy
12. when we kiss the connection is undeniable
13. i love how you never give up
14. you are determined
15. you cut your self short just to give me what i want make fun of me
17. your funny
18. you admire me
19. you not like other boys
20. you understand if i say no
21. you act like a like kid when it comes to my period
22. everytime you say that you love me or call me baby my heat skips a beat


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