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  1. 1. Volunteer
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  2. 2. go horseback riding
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  3. 3. read, read, and read some more
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  4. 4. draw more
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  5. 5. be better at reading tarot
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  6. 6. See "Wicked" on Broadway
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  7. 7. play an instrument
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  8. 8. learn yoga
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How I did it
How to be a better cook
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1 year
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Happy Belly

How to get my MBA
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2 years
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read, read, and read some more (read all 2 entries…)
Great read

Just finished living yoga by christy turlington surprisingly very good!

get my MBA
One more year!

YEs- it’s one more year before I’m done…so excited to check this off my list…its a huge accomplishment for someone not even wanting to go to college. :)

Volunteer (read all 2 entries…)
Didnt work out

So the people working at this organization were giving me bad vibes over the phone so i decided to opt out from this particular place. You would think people would get excited by potential volunteers? But it seemed like i was bothering them more than anything else! So now Im looking to volunteer for an association that caters to people with busy schedules in my area- ill give an update once i attend a meeting.

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