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Pay it Forward
GIve people what has been given to me

being strong and strong willed has attracted some people to to give me good advice that is rarely given specially when it comes to mercantile affairs, those people have helped me come to where I am today.
Im still not at the point in my business where I have been dreaming to be but I have been inspired by the people that helped me to help other people that truly deserve to go forward in what they dream.
nothing in life is easy, and we can never truly appreciate what is handed to us easily. and the only thing that makes what you really want come true is hard work and true will. those are the people i would love to inspire.

recolor my hair

So I did it, My hair used to be blue, and towards the end it was really faded to a yucky light green so, I colored it purple this time, it took me forever to find the time to bleach my roots and color it.


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